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Nothing’s written in stone, but we’ve made a compromise decision regarding how much of the living room to give Red access to. We bought a 12′ x 8′ area rug, rearranged the living room furniture to maximize open space, and bought the North States Superyard XT play yard (plus a two-panel extension). The play yard won’t take the place of baby-proofing, but it’ll give us some time to get it done and still let Red roam around a bit. In the meantime, he’ll have about ~35 square feet of crawling space.

Here’s a photo:
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This is so beautiful and inspirational. It’s a must see, but have some tissues handy.

CC image courtesy of Flickr user jds-emma

CC image courtesy of Flickr user jds-emma

Red is nearing full mobility. Crawling is a skill he will soon fully possess and master. His days of contentment in his playpen are numbered. He’ll soon want to explore more freely.

That’s a problem. Our rented house has no carpeting, and the living room has old, bumpy, sorta splintery, poorly maintained hardwood flooring. DW and I are planning to rectify this by purchasing a large area rug or carpet fragment. My question to you, kind readers (both of you), is this: Should we use modular gates to pen Red into a limited region, probably half of the living room, or completely baby-proof the living room and give him full reign of it?


baby patting machine

Maybe I need one of these.

Sometimes, when my son is fighting sleep particularly hard, the only thing that calms him down is light patting of his bum. It works remarkably well. Any ideas why?

Catie OBrien

Catie O'Brien

A parent should never have to watch their child die, but that’s exactly what has happened to Christine and Kevin O’Brien.


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I’ve known for a while that there’s a correlation between the direction of hair whorling and handedness, i.e., that clockwise whorls are nearly perfectly indicative of being right-handed and counter-clockwise whorls are indicative of left-handedness or ambidexterity in about 50% of cases. Having noticed my son showing some preference for his left hand, such as for sucking his thumb, I was curious to note which direction his whorl goes. Imagine my surprise when I saw that DS has two whorls – one going each direction!

If clockwise means righty and counter-clockwise means lefty or ambidextrous, what does a pair of whorls mean?

Two whorls?!

Anyone know what, if anything, this might be correlated with? Ambidexterity? I did a quick search at Scopus, but I didn’t find much. Counterclockwise whorls are rare, occuring in about 5% of people, and multiple whorls are even rarer. Apparently, that also means research on their significance is also rare. 😦

Pointers to sound research on this would be appreciated. My curiosity is definitely piqued. 🙂

I’ve been a parent for nearly five months now, and I’m still baffled as to why kids fight so hard against sleep. It’s usually really obvious when they need to nap. They’re cranky, lethargic, uninterested in playing, and rubbing their eyes. Obviously, kids of toddler age and older can willfully disobey or resist their parents, but what about infants? Why do so many kids cry and scream when put down for a nap? It’s clear from their behavior that they need naps, and they are happy and refreshed upon awaking, so why fight? By some kids’ tantrums, you’d swear sleep is life-threatening. 

Any ideas?

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