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I had a rather irritating and insulting experience this afternoon and wonder how many other dads have had similar experiences.

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[This is a slightly edited re-post from my previous blog. It seemed appropriate in light of a post I recently wrote here.]

While visiting with my in-laws outside of Erie a couple years ago I went to their parish for the Epiphany. I noticed something there that I’ve noticed at other parishes, and it drives me nuts: slovenly attire worn by those attending mass, in particular those serving at the altar.

How can people serve at the altar in the Divine Presence wearing blue jeans and sneakers? How can parents allow their children to dress so poorly for such a high office? More importantly, I wonder how priests can allow children to serve like that? I’ve even seen it at weddings!

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I’m as wowed by Susan Boyle as anyone, and I wish her continued success in the talent competition, but I’ve been bothered by thoughts similar to those that prompted Dennis Palumbo to ask, “What if Susan Boyle Couldn’t Sing?
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I haven’t been able to force myself to watch the following video yet. I’m still stuck on the title and concept. Apparently, the blogger at Out-Numbered was asked to post a video from Momversation. The title of this meeting of the minds?

Are You Stressed When Dad Watches the Kids?

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No, I didnt post this on Friday, April 3, but this post fits the April theme of Respect the Dad.

No, I didn't post this on Friday, April 3, but this post fits the April theme of "Respect the Dad".

Tonight a friend of mine informed me that mutual friends (he wisely chose to not name names) have been ragging on men staying home to take care of children. Apparently it’s not a manly thing to do (or something like that).

I’m so mad right now I could spit nails. Rather than fly off the handle, and possibly say things I’ll later regret, I’ll offer just thesea brief comments.
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The Image

The Image

The Truth

The Truth

I thought about calling this post “The Abobination”.

I had a doctor appointment today. I couldn’t get a sitter, so I took Red with me. Riding the bus on the way home, Red caught a young fellow’s attention. He stopped watching (very loud) videos on his cell phone and talked to me and Red a bit. He then did what he surely thought was helpful. I did not agree.

I suddenly heard what I initially thought was a “Yankee Doodle” ring tone. I shortly realized, though, that what I heard was in fact the theme song for “Barney the Dinosaur”. The “helpful” fellow then turned the screen of his phone around to show the show’s opening sequence. He asked with a smile, “Do you like Barney?” I assumed he was talking to me, since Red is not even six months old. I said, “No! I hate Barney!” He promptly stopped the video, seeming a bit taken aback.

I’m glad I didn’t have to kill him. I’d have likely ruined a useable umbrella stroller in the process, to say nothing of how I’d scare Red and the poor blood-spattered riders seated near us.

I won’t go into the details of why Barney is evil. That topic has been beaten to death by better writers. Suffice to say that if you think that showing the tales of Satan’s dim-witted love child with Grimace is help, do me and Red a favor and be less helpful.

I stumbled across an interesting post the other day. Wife and mother Kate recently pondered the sharing of housekeeping duties between husbands and wives. I’m curious to hear others’ thoughts.


“I had an interesting conversation with a colleague once who claimed that the chores men typically do around the house are the ones they’re interested in and women do everything else. Is that part of the anger? That in order to get husbands to help out we don’t make them do the unappealing stuff? And then all women do is the stuff they don’t like? That’s not a good recipe for happiness.

“And what the hell do the husbands think about all of this? Do they agree? Has anyone asked them how angry they are and why?”

Please read the whole thing and tell me what you think. I’m particularly interested in hearing from stay/work-at-home dads and their wives. I’m sure that changes household dynamics quite a bit compared to the traditional norm. 

You might wonder why I’ve asked for thoughts and haven’t offered my own. Well, I’m still working on them. As a busy work-at-home dad, spare time sufficient for writing original thoughts is rare. Hopefully, with the help of my readers’ shared experiences, I’ll have something interesting and original to contribute. 🙂

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