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[We’ll call the author of this guest post Stuff. She’s a long-time friend of mine and contributor at my previous blog. This is a re-post from that blog.]

I know this is a few days late, but this meditation has been brewing all weekend through my busy, hectic workdays and my dear husband’s slow ones. But this is not for him – he already got the Star Wars trilogy for Father’s Day and one custom card complete with a hand-drawn Darth Vader from our six-year-old.

No, this is for the Fathers that probably don’t get many chances to go fishing or get pancakes in bed or have grand cookouts for Father’s Day. This is for priests.

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I had a rather irritating and insulting experience this afternoon and wonder how many other dads have had similar experiences.

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At last night’s Easter vigil, I realized something. While I believe what we wear to church matters and reflects the dignity and solemnity of the liturgy, my dress clothes aren’t the most important things I wear to worship. It’s not the nice shirt, pressed pants, or tie that completes my ensemble.

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I haven’t been able to force myself to watch the following video yet. I’m still stuck on the title and concept. Apparently, the blogger at Out-Numbered was asked to post a video from Momversation. The title of this meeting of the minds?

Are You Stressed When Dad Watches the Kids?

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Fatherhood Friday at Dad BlogsI don’t have a new post for Fatherhood Friday, but I think a recent post of mine is a good fit for the meme. Enjoy, and don’t forget to read the great posts written by others! 🙂

No, I didnt post this on Friday, April 3, but this post fits the April theme of Respect the Dad.

No, I didn't post this on Friday, April 3, but this post fits the April theme of "Respect the Dad".

Tonight a friend of mine informed me that mutual friends (he wisely chose to not name names) have been ragging on men staying home to take care of children. Apparently it’s not a manly thing to do (or something like that).

I’m so mad right now I could spit nails. Rather than fly off the handle, and possibly say things I’ll later regret, I’ll offer just thesea brief comments.
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November 16, 1958 - February 3, 2009

Michael Dubriel: November 16, 1958 - February 3, 2009

In another case of what is and what should never be, a woman has lost a husband and children have lost a father. On February 3, blogger and author Michael Dubriel collapsed at the gym and could not be revived. He was 50. He is survived by his wife, blogger and author Amy Welborn and two (?) sons. Prayers and well-wishes may be left here (because Amy has closed her comments), and donations may be may here. Also, the profits from sales of Michael’s books go toward his boys’ college fund, so be sure to buy some.

Tragedies like this happen all the time, and we are blissfully ignorant of most of them. The least we can do is help out when we are aware. Please be generous with your prayers, donations, and book purchases.

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