The Amazing Pudding


The Amazing Pudding

Getting a share of people’s attention is hard in the world of blogging, perhaps even more so in the niche market of mommy/daddy blogging. To set myself apart, just about everything on this blog is related to Pink Floyd’s quirky 1970 album Atom Heart Mother. For instance, the category titles are titles of songs, titles of song parts, or working titles. This post is in the “Epic” category, where I’ll put anything related to maintaining this blog. Here’s the full list:

  • Father’s Shout: stuff for and about dads
  • Breast Milky: food and drink
  • Mother Fore: stuff for and about moms
  • Funky Dung: weird, off-the-wall, random, wacky, or neato stuff
  • Mind Your Throats, Please: rants and controversial topics
  • Remergence: fun and games
  • Split Knees: health and medicine
  • Epic: stuff about this blog, blogging in general, and various other social media/technology issues
  • If: thoughts about the future
  • Summer ‘68: mistakes and regrets
  • Fat Old Sun: lasting memories
  • Rise and Shine: discipline and education
  • Sunny Side Up: product reviews
  • Mornign Glory: religion
  • Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast: stuff I can’t classify more descriptively than “everything else” ;)

I don’t know how long the gimmicky categories and whatnot will last, but I’ll give ‘em a decent shot. More important than the gimmicks are the parenting thoughts, and I’m looking forward to sharing them with folks. )

Atom Heart Father

The lead blogger here would like to maintain quasi-anonymity for himself and his family. Were he only talking about himself, he’d be fine sharing his identity, but he’d rather not have people learning about his wife and son’s whole lives with a simple Google search. He knows that anyone determined enough will find out who is, where he is, and what he does for a living, so he’s not trying to maintain hermetically sealed secrecy. He’s just hoping that he and his family can have some privacy via obscurity. Consequently, he goes by the handle of Atom Heart Father, calls his wife Dear Wife (DW) and his son Dear Son (DS).

Links? What links?

I can't keep up with blogroll maintenance any more so I've given up. Instead, below you'll find shared links from Google Reader and Delicious. If you read enough of them you should be able to figure out most of the parenting sites I frequent.

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