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Tell Me Thursday: Quick, Start Baby-Proofing!

Posted on: April 9, 2009

May I watch a signing DVD, Daddy?

May I watch a signing DVD, Daddy?

What you saw in yesterday’s picture was just the beginning. Here’s how things have progressed:

  1. On Monday, Red used my side-lying body to walk himself to a stand.
  2. On Tuesday, he used his activity center. (I wrote the Wordless Wednesday post Tuesday night.)
  3. On Wednesday, he used the entertainment center to stand in front of the TV.
  4. What might he do today?

6 Responses to "Tell Me Thursday: Quick, Start Baby-Proofing!"

Get a hold of your remote, that’s what mine likes to do!

He’s been quite fond – and possessive – of the remote for a couple months already. 😉

He already loves the TV. How nice.

Well, he loves remotes and other things with buttons, like telephones. He mostly ignores TV when we’re watching it. The only programs I intentionally put on the TV for him, and he watches with rapt attention, are signing DVDs. He doesn’t make any signs yet, but he seems to understand a few (e.g., milk, eat, cereal).

The TV is off for most of the day. I usually connect my iPod to my sound system and play music or podcasts (parenting, Latin Language, libertarian).

I have not had a clean TV screen in 19 years. Oh, and make sure you check in the dvd slot every once in a while. Amazing what they can get in there…

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