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Is this book tasty?

Is this book tasty?


[This is a slightly edited re-post from my previous blog. It seemed appropriate in light of a post I recently wrote here.]

While visiting with my in-laws outside of Erie a couple years ago I went to their parish for the Epiphany. I noticed something there that I’ve noticed at other parishes, and it drives me nuts: slovenly attire worn by those attending mass, in particular those serving at the altar.

How can people serve at the altar in the Divine Presence wearing blue jeans and sneakers? How can parents allow their children to dress so poorly for such a high office? More importantly, I wonder how priests can allow children to serve like that? I’ve even seen it at weddings!

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I’m as wowed by Susan Boyle as anyone, and I wish her continued success in the talent competition, but I’ve been bothered by thoughts similar to those that prompted Dennis Palumbo to ask, “What if Susan Boyle Couldn’t Sing?
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My wife and I have started to lose track of what foods Red has and has not tried. That’s not good, because we’re trying to only introduce one new food at a time (to m0re easily catch and identify possible allergic reactions). Consequently, I decided it’s time to compile a list of gastronomic goodies that have passed Red’s lips, and since I’m writing anyway I decided to put it in a post.

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At last night’s Easter vigil, I realized something. While I believe what we wear to church matters and reflects the dignity and solemnity of the liturgy, my dress clothes aren’t the most important things I wear to worship. It’s not the nice shirt, pressed pants, or tie that completes my ensemble.

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May I watch a signing DVD, Daddy?

May I watch a signing DVD, Daddy?

What you saw in yesterday’s picture was just the beginning. Here’s how things have progressed:

  1. On Monday, Red used my side-lying body to walk himself to a stand.
  2. On Tuesday, he used his activity center. (I wrote the Wordless Wednesday post Tuesday night.)
  3. On Wednesday, he used the entertainment center to stand in front of the TV.
  4. What might he do today?


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