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Follow Wishlist: Complement to #FollowFriday?

Posted on: March 30, 2009

Free Twitter Bird by Luc Latulippe

The #FollowFriday phenomenon on Twitter doesn’t do much for much. I think the main reason is that most tweeps (twits?) just post as many handles fit in 140 characters. I’d like to know why you follow someone so that I can get an idea of why I might want to follow him/her.

As a complementary (or contrary) concept, I propose “follow wishlists”. Periodically or as desired we could each write a blog post briefly describing the kinds of folks we’d like to follow or tweets we’d like to read. Allow me to lead my example.

Above all else, I’d like to follow folks who tweet about fatherhood or motherhood. If you write interesting tweets about parenthood, I’ll probably follow you. There are certain types of parents I’d particularly like to follow, though. I’m especially interested in those who stay/work at home, home school, have libertarian sympathies, are geeky, are Catholic, have babies or toddlers, and/or live in the Pittsburgh area.

There are also some folks I’m unlikely to follow. If all or most of your tweets are from a RSS feed, I’m not interested. If I want to read your feed, I’ll do so in a feed reader. That’s not how I’d like to see Twitter used. Occasionally posting links to your blog is fine, but please try to interact with your followers. Also, if you’re more interested in selling me something than conversing and sharing thoughts with me, leave me alone. I do not hesitate to block spammers and marketers.

Who would you like to follow?


2 Responses to "Follow Wishlist: Complement to #FollowFriday?"

I’m currently in unfollow mode. There was a time when I pretty much followed anyone who followed me (other than obvious spam accounts), but now I’m following *too* many people. I have to clean house, but it isn’t as easy as I want it to be. I want to only follow people I interact with, but it’s hard to know when someone will be offended if I “break up” with them. Sadly, I’ve already hurt some feelings.

I’m fairly certain I’ve offended people by simply not automatically following new followers. I wait until they at least respond constructively to something I’ve said.

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