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Posted on: March 28, 2009

No, I didnt post this on Friday, April 3, but this post fits the April theme of Respect the Dad.

No, I didn't post this on Friday, April 3, but this post fits the April theme of "Respect the Dad".

Tonight a friend of mine informed me that mutual friends (he wisely chose to not name names) have been ragging on men staying home to take care of children. Apparently it’s not a manly thing to do (or something like that).

I’m so mad right now I could spit nails. Rather than fly off the handle, and possibly say things I’ll later regret, I’ll offer just thesea brief comments.

Manliness is doing what’s best for your family. Right now that means doing my PhD work at home so I can care for Red. That is providing; working outside the home and bringing home the bacon isn’t the end all and be all.

I started the work-at-home dad gig out of necessity. We can’t afford (and frankly didn’t want) strangers taking care of Red at a daycare facility, DW can’t work at home, and I can work from home. It wasn’t how we dreamed we’d raise our kids. You know what, though? I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Words cannot adequately describe how blessed I feel to share my day with my son. From his smiling face in the morning, through the feedings, play time, and naps, to his late afternon smile at seeing mommy come home, every moment (even if filled with screaming or messy diapers) is a gift from God. I honestly can’t imagine a more fulfilling job than helping my children grow up happy, healthy, and holy.

I’m a man. I work from home and I care for my son. I wouldn’t apologize for that, even if the latter was all I did.


14 Responses to "Manly"

Nice post from a fellow stay at home dad. I’d challenge any one of those guys ragging on SAHD to last a week without crying for mercy. I became a SAHD after becoming frustrated with my career and not wanting to change career focus while learning the ropes of being a new parent. It isn’t easy, but it is very rewarding. I wouldn’t trade the experiences I’ve had their past 11 months for anything. But, no matter what other people think or say, the only thing I can about it being about to look my family in the eyes and having them know I did what was best for us.

Bah. When my kids were younger, I bemoaned the lack of male role models in their lives — particularly for my son. Other than my (retired) father, there weren’t many men around.

You’re doing good on lots of levels. I wish I’d known you when the kids were younger; I’d have been glad to hang with you.

That kind of sexism is downright depressing. If my husband and I were to have one of us stay home, it would be him, simply because I make more money and have better benefits. It’s ridiculous for people to get caught up over someone’s gender and antiquated gender roles.

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Kudos! SAHD here as well…and like you, would never want to change a thing.

Forget that guy. He does not get it.

Rock on man. I wish I could stay home with my little girl.

There is nothing more manly than taking care of your children. There are many “men” who refuse to even acknowledge their children.

I’m with PJ. I bet that guy couldn’t last a week as a SAHD.

Puh-toooeys on him. (and KUDOS to you!)

you sound manly to me. you’re taking care of your kid and your responsibilities. i would just let all that roll of my back. and guess what? when the kid is older, he will remember spending that time w you. can your friends say the same about theirs?

As a SAHD myself I’m obviously in agreement with everybody else here. Keep up the great work!

Keep doing what is best for your family. That is what every man should do.

Well said. SAHD’s are cool.

Good for you. The unwashed miscreants who think men taking care of kids is somehow a blow to our manhood need to shut their pie holes. Although, it’s dumbasses like that who make dads like us look so good!

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