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Free Twitter Bird by Luc Latulippe

The #FollowFriday phenomenon on Twitter doesn’t do much for much. I think the main reason is that most tweeps (twits?) just post as many handles fit in 140 characters. I’d like to know why you follow someone so that I can get an idea of why I might want to follow him/her.

As a complementary (or contrary) concept, I propose “follow wishlists”. Periodically or as desired we could each write a blog post briefly describing the kinds of folks we’d like to follow or tweets we’d like to read. Allow me to lead my example.

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No, I didnt post this on Friday, April 3, but this post fits the April theme of Respect the Dad.

No, I didn't post this on Friday, April 3, but this post fits the April theme of "Respect the Dad".

Tonight a friend of mine informed me that mutual friends (he wisely chose to not name names) have been ragging on men staying home to take care of children. Apparently it’s not a manly thing to do (or something like that).

I’m so mad right now I could spit nails. Rather than fly off the handle, and possibly say things I’ll later regret, I’ll offer just thesea brief comments.
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If I recall correctly, Scott Hahn described the arrival of each of his children as “twice the love and half the sleep”. Assuming he and his wife represent 20 units of love and .50 units of sleep, and each child accounts for a power, having six kids has brought him 64 times the love and 1/64 the sleep. 😉

Anyhow, in mid-October Atom Heart Mother and Father are due for twice our current level of love and half our current amount of sleep. 🙂

Nothing’s written in stone, but we’ve made a compromise decision regarding how much of the living room to give Red access to. We bought a 12′ x 8′ area rug, rearranged the living room furniture to maximize open space, and bought the North States Superyard XT play yard (plus a two-panel extension). The play yard won’t take the place of baby-proofing, but it’ll give us some time to get it done and still let Red roam around a bit. In the meantime, he’ll have about ~35 square feet of crawling space.

Here’s a photo:
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In case you don’t recall, a musical group called Trio became a one hit wonder with the song “Da Da Da”. Well, as of Sunday, Red has them beat. Not only can he say “dah”, he can also say “dih” and “duh”. 🙂 Before long he’ll be singing the Police’s “De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da”. 😉

CC image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

CC image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Red’s lip smacking has graduated to very distinct and deliberate post-alveolar click. I’ve been trying to teach him American Sign Language and hope to teach him Latin later. Maybe I should be teaching him !Kung instead.

Silliness aside, it’s neat having click “conversations” with Red. I click once; he clicks once. I click twice; he clicks twice. After a few exchanges, he changes the pattern, seemingly expecting me to imitate it. He’s a smart lil bugger, ain’t he? 😉

This is so beautiful and inspirational. It’s a must see, but have some tissues handy.

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